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After 6 weeks, several e-mails and unreturned phone calls I have had to dispute a $950 charge that I made for merchandise never delivered. I should have read this site earlier because I am not the first one treated this way by these scammers. had no problem taking my money on 11/28/07 according to my bank statement. It is now 1/1/08 and I have yet to see the part I ordered or have I been able to contact a human at this company.

I would strongly suggest not using, as it seems they have taken my money and have apparently no intention of sending the part that I purchased.

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#330022 is a ripoff .took me $300.00 but never shipped !!!!!

#330021 is a ripoff .took me $300.00 but never shipped !!!!!


Sleepy, you may be right but running a business like that is a scam in my eyes. If you can't handle the orders and are not willing to answer phones, return messages or answer e-mails you should not be in business and I for one want to warn potential buyers of these poor business practices.


this company has a building and small warehouse. most merchandise is not on premisis.

they most likely have glitches from there suppliers. you can visit them in westport ny which is a very small community.

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